For over 20 years I have been involved in producing video content across the education, corporate and creative media sectors. But my professional career didn’t start here. It began with mathematics.

I graduated from the University of Exeter, School of Education with a BA (Hons) Mathematics and Education, where I went on to teach mathematics at both GCSE and A-Level.

In 2000, I left teaching to pursue a career in video production, with a particular focus on education and learning.

I began training as a video editor as I love the process of creating a story from a series of video and audio clips. It was during this time that I had the opportunity to work on various projects, including a series for Channel 4, a couple of documentaries for Discovery and two films.

An excerpt from the documentary ‘Plane Clothed Detective’.
Originally broadcasted on Discovery Wings
Role: Video editor


In 2003, I took an opportunity to work as a media producer, creating content for a series of multimedia teaching resources for the National Teaching and Learning Change Programme. I worked across various subject areas including mathematics, science and engineering. I also produced the Maths4Life resource, Thinking Through Mathematics.

In the role of Media Producer, I headed up production teams to oversee the development of these resources and liaise with designers, publishers, web developers and suppliers. Another key role was collaborating with educational consultants, university research teams and writers.

I was also responsible for creating the video content that would feature in these resources.

This work involved filming classroom activities, educational events and interviews with teachers, trainers, learners and educational consultants. I subsequently gained a great deal of experience filming in schools, colleges, universities and other providers.

As well as media producer, I often took on the role of director, camera operator and video editor.

Taken from the Standards Unit DVD
‘Looking at learning in science‘.
Role: Media Producer / Video Editor


It was the experience of filming and editing videos for the education sector that was the catalyst for setting up as a freelance video editor working in educational media. This soon expanded to include services in videography, directing and production.

I have worked on various projects including the Advanced Mathematics Support Programme, Maths for Life, ICCAMs Maths, Citizenship, Bowland Maths and Supporting Business Innovation. I have worked with research teams, consultants and representatives for the likes of the MEI, Shell Centre for Mathematical Education, University of Nottingham and University of Cambridge.

As my business has developed, I have moved on to produce content for various organisations in the corporate sector, including Unilever Food Solutions, Aramark and SAGA.

I am currently based in the south west of England but works across the country. With the power of the internet I am able to work remotely and even work on projects globally!

Bowland Maths – Assessing problem solving
and mathematical reasoning
Role: Video Editor / 2nd Camera