Project Description

Bowland Maths

Bowland Maths is involved in producing problem-solving activities, which are designed for teachers to use with learners aged 11-14. The purpose is to help learners develop the mathematical skills needed for everyday life.

To support teachers and trainers in using the activities, there are 7 Professional Development modules, which have been developed by Professor Malcolm Swan from the University of Nottingham.

Each module contains a series of videos, featuring teachers and learners using the Bowland Maths activities. I was responsible for editing 20 of these videos focussing on assessment. I also worked on 2nd camera during filming.

In the example here, learners are working on a problem called Golden Rectangles. They had tackled the problem in a previous lesson. The teacher then photocopied some of the classes solutions on to A3 paper. In this lesson the teacher hands out the A3 sheets and asks the learners to critique these solutions.

The video also shows the teacher sharing her experiences with two colleagues, involved in the project, and comments from some of her learners.


Editor / Camera